Dabby Phannypack

can someone please explain to me why the ship name for sam and tucker isn’t sucker



Danny Phantom AU where everything is the same except Danny flies like this



Danny is dead


"He’s gonna catch ‘em all ‘cause he’s Danny Phantom"


"He’s gonna catch ‘em all ‘cause he’s Danny Phantom"


how to be a true phan

number one, sing the theme song

hey, daniel phantom, he was just fucking 12 when his parents built some piece of shit and it didn’t work so he went inside of it like a dumbass and got shocked to death

but it’s okay because he got spooky powers and became more of a shit

he’s gonna steal an already known quote from a fucking anime since he’s such a weebo ‘cause he’s too stupid to get a better superhero name


the eyes are windows to the soul


You don’t understand.

I NEED this AU to happen.

seduce me

i’m not 1 of ur fried chicken dabbies


I wonder if the creators of Danny Phantom ever wander to the edges of the phandom and just go “What the hell did we do???”
And we’re just like “you ain’t seen nothing yet.”
“Monsters. We created twisted monsters.”
“We prefer the term ‘phans’”


I need more twink!danny in my life


Hey guys, I have a favor to ask you.

On fanfiction.net, there’s no character for Phantom - such as a Phantom that’s separate from Danny.  This makes it really hard to find Pitch Pearl fanfics because people sometimes just put Danny F. as a character, or Danny F. and Dan Phantom, which is NOT the same thing.

If you could, would you please write to support@fanfiction.com (NOT .net) and ask them to add that character?  I already have and they’re researching/considering it, but I feel they’ll add it if multiple people write in asking for it.  

It will only take 5 minutes, and I’d really appreciate it if you wrote in!  Just tell them the category is cartoons, Danny Phantom, and the character is Phantom.  Technically he’s a canon character because of Identity Crisis, and if you mention that, it might help our case even more.


i also demand a dabby addition

it is difficult to find phannypacks these days